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***SOLD*** 1937 Caterpillar 22 ***SOLD***



Caterpillar 22 #1J 529 SP , gasoline version. Built 1937. There were 5,098 Caterpillar 22 “1J” tractors built in 1937, total production of the “1J” tractors 1937-1939 was only 5,157 tractors. Upon arrival in 2008, the engine ran good, had antifreeze in it, oil pressure was excellent, started easily, steering clutches and brakes and transmission all worked fine. I started the restoration 6 years ago by removing the clutch to replace the throw out bearing, machined the flywheel and added a starter ring gear, and replaced the clutch linings. Over the next 5 years I continued the restoration on this tractor. Today the engine, radiator assembly, and transmission final drive assembly are the only things that are still together with paint not removed.

This tractors working life was “Out West” possibly in Oklahoma. It has always been kept inside when not in use. The tractor was never used in rock or for timber work. There is no damage to the radiator guard. The paint remaining on the hood has Caterpillar stenciled on it. The leather starting crank strap is in excellent shape and the leather on the ends of the equalizer spring covers is still present. All parts are dent free and rust pitting is almost non existent. I found only slight rust in between areas where sheet metal overlapped. The bottom exterior of the fuel tank was pitted due to moisture being trapped in the felt which cushioned the tank. I glass beaded, filled the pitting, primed and re painted the tank. The interior of the main tank is clean and rust free. The interior of the small tank is not clean, it was never used.

The hood, fenders, toolbox, still have the original paint on them. The tracks are not pitted, have 10” shoes and the grousers are 1 1/2” high with no repairs. The sprockets are excellent with the flats on the teeth being a full 1/4”. The idler assemblies, and 2 track roller assemblies were like new and required only grease removal. The other 6 track roller assemblies (includes the shafts) were sent out for rebuilding back to like new. The Eismann model CM-4 magneto is like new and required no repairs. The carburetor is rebuilt and painted black. I ordered many new gaskets and have some new engine gaskets, for use when the restoration is completed. The main air cleaner assembly has been stripped of its paint and is totally rust free. The Donaldson pre cleaner has its original paint and decal on it. This tractor has the correct original ignition switch, gas caps, and radiator cap. All in like new condition. The Caterpillar hitch pin was still in the tool box. There is an original Cat 22 Operator’s Instruction Book, form 4313 dated 6-37and has 38 pages – soiled , and a TWENTY – TWO TRACTOR PARTS Catalog form 8629, revision published 1957 has 170 pages. This is also an original and is in excellent condition. The 1/16 scale die cast model is included with this sale.

I have sand blasted and primed the following parts: track frames, guards and shields, draw bar. I glass beaded primed and painted the following parts: gas tank, tank cradle, dash, seat assembly, throttle assembly, long and short equalizer spring. All paint used is RUST-OLEUM. The back seat cushion appears original, and the bottom cushion and arm rests were replaced at some time- all need recovered.

All bolts washers spacers etc are dived into different containers, and are in excellent condition. I have invested countless hours into this project. I have spent a lot of money to insure that this Caterpillar 22 would be, as always Scholl Engine Shop Quality. I have other priorities that are now ahead of this project and will sell this tractor- as is and located at Sugar Grove NC for the sum of $6,500.00. Loading of the entire tractor is not a problem. The tractors weight is close to 6,000 #.

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Ashton Valve Company 8″ Chime Steam Whistle

Ashton Valve Company Boston, MASS.  #3942

8″ x 16 1/2″ with a 2″ Inlet 3 Chime Whistle

30″ Overall Height

Lever is 18 1/2″ Long

Weight is 85 Pounds

Bronze Construction w/ Steel Lever made by Scholl Engine Shop

This whistle is in very good original condition with most of the original patina.  This whistle with a built in valve could have been used in many applications: Steam Locomotives, Factories, and Steam Ships.

The bell has some pitting from use, and a repair that was most likely completed by Ashton at the time of casting.

The following things were done by Scholl Engine Shop:

-Serviced the Valve
-Made Steel Lever
-Repaired Short Cracks in Lower Partitions

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2011 Engine Restoration Projects

This De Laval 2 1/2 HP engine with Goulds 4″ Mudsucker Pump on original trucks has been restored for a customer.  This project began in September of 2010, and was completed December 1st, 2011.  This project included total disassembly and rebuild of the engine, gearbox, and pump.  Manufactured around 1929, this pump was used to pump water out of coffer-dams to aid in bridge construction.  Parts for the rebuild were sourced from all across the US and Canada (locating the parts played a major role in the length of time for complete restoration).

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