Preservation of “Yesteryear” has been a lifetime passion for our dad, Raymond Scholl, of Scholl Engine Shop

Growing up in the Buckeye State of Ohio, our Dad lived amongst some of America’s most beautiful farmlands. Working with antique gas and steam engines from an early age, he found much enjoyment in the rich history these old machines had to offer. From his Dad, M.L. Scholl, he caught the “steam bug” and learned to appreciate steam locomotives, railroad lanterns and all of the “bells and whistles” that came along with railroad enthusiasts. His great grandpa Root owned steam engines in his farming days and would travel from farm to farm, threshing grain, filling silo’s, and sawing wood with those massive “steam beasts” (steam traction engines).

Over the years, our Dad has beautifully restored many engines in his personal collection, as well as, engines for friends and customers.

Some of the engines that have been in our Dad’s personal collection over the years include: Bulls Eye, Ideal, Springfield, International Harvester, Falk, New Way, Associated, Hercules, Fairbanks Morse, John Deere, Stover, Cushman, Flint & Walling, Monitor, Fuller & Johnson, Waterloo Boy, Foos, Ottawa, Cook, Domestic, Witte, Nelson Brothers, Ellis, Bull Dog, Bremen Hot-Air Engine, 20 HP Minneapolis steam traction engine, 18 HP Advance Rumely steam traction engine, 4 HP Peerless portable steam engine.

Our Dad has taken us on many of his “engine expeditions” over the years.

Hitting the backcountry roads, unearthing rusty sideshafts, gears, hoppers, broken flywheels and lubricators, Dad would always make the trips fun for the whole family. Growing up in our Dad’s world of engines, we became very fond of his new finds and restorations. So much time was spent learning the history of each engine, making it run smoothly and to make it show-ready. When he finished an engine he had worked on for years, it sort of became a part of our family. There was a sense of pride that came along with knowing that an old rusty piece of days gone by had been brought to life with such determination.

Whether you are looking for that special engine find, looking to have an engine repaired and running just right, looking to buy that original “Fully Restored” steam locomotive whistle, looking to buy that special Lionel train set for someone’s wish list or looking to find a beautifully restored set of original railroad marker lights to light up your world…..
Look No Further than Scholl Engine Shop!

Over the years, our Dad has proven to be an honest, hard-working, and dependable Christian Dad. These characteristics are evident in his everyday life as well as in his friendships and doing business with his customers. We know you won’t be disappointed in the professional services that Scholl Engine Shop provides. Our Dad is committed to preserving the past and his workmanship and true character is the proof.

We Love You Dad,

Kristina Scholl Miller, daughter

Jody Ray Scholl, son

3 Responses to History

  1. Dan Patton

    Just bought my first Steam Whistle, after it get’s here, I am going to need a Steam Valve to operate it. In my search for this Steam Whistle, I ran across your company name. Please tell me if you can help me.
    Dan Patton

  2. Dan,
    The whistles and their parts, and add on whistles valves are listed on our web site. click on —– 2014 Shop List and Show Schedule. If this doesn’t help, send me an e-mail. ray@schollengineshop.com

  3. Jack

    Hello Ray
    I hope that you are on the mend.
    I recently purchased my first steam whistle. I feel fortunate to be the proud owner of a piece of earlier American history. It is a Buckeye 3″ dia. by 13″. The valve seems to function freely but I have not tried to test it yet. The overall condition appears to be good and the finish is well tarnished and grimy. I attempted to polish a small portion of the exterior near the top with Brasso polish and it barely made a dent in the years of exposure.
    I would like to know if you take on projects such as this to ensure that the whistle valve functions as originally as designed and to restore the original exterior to a bright brass finish. If so, what would the be the estimated cost?
    I appreciate your time and thank you for your help.

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