Raymond G. Scholl


202 Bryant Combs Rd.

Sugar Grove, NC  28679





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  1. Please send any additional information to

  2. Eric

    I just started collecting steam whistles and train bells. I know how to redo a steam whistle valve, but I wanted to ask…..when you want to redo the brass or bronze steam whistle what do you use to take whistle body down to original metal? buff, wire wheels, compounds? or do you re-plate the whistle body? thank you for your input help.

  3. Eric,
    I clean all of the whistle parts in a glass bead cabinet, polish and finish with automotive polish. Have a great day,

  4. andrew matrone


    Are you planning to attend the Thresher’s Reunion in Denton this year? I am planning on being there the 2nd, will you be there? I am looking for a fount for a Keystone Casey. Is this something you have or could get hold of prior to Denton?



  5. schollengineshop

    I do not know if I will be coming to Denton. If I do come it will be for just 1 day. Sorry – founts for Keystone Casey’s are not available. The only way I know to find one is to buy another lantern and get a fount from it. Thanks for asking,


  6. john schlachter

    Hello! I just purchased a four inch three chime lunkenheimer whistle on ebay. It was the one with a bolt jammed in the plunger hole. Do you have an appropriate lever as I am missing it. I will also need a spring for this whistle and a spring for a three inch. I am actually missing all parts of the valve. I can make a lot of them but I do need the lever and the two springs. john

  7. schollengineshop

    Please send any questions to

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