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1937 Caterpillar 22


Complete 1937 Caterpillar 22 tractor gasoline version #1J529 SP (Special Parts) and 25 HP at the draw bar. There were 5098 Cat “22”  1J  tractors built in 1937, total production of the 1J tractors 1937-1939 was only 5157. Upon arrival to my shop the engine ran good, had antifreeze in it, oil pressure was excellent, started easily, steering clutches, brakes and transmission all worked fine. I began the restoration by removing the clutch to replace the throw out bearing and to add a starter ring gear on the flywheel. Over the next 5 years I continued the restoration on this tractor.

Today the engine/ radiator assembly and transmission final drive assembly are the main parts that are still together with original paint not removed. The tractors working life was most likely Oklahoma. It was  kept in a shed when not in use on the farm. This tractor was not used for rock or timber work. The back seat cushion and covering are original, the leather on the equalizer spring covers is worn but still present as well as the brake rod leather covers. There is very little pitting found anywhere on this tractor. The hood, fenders and tool box still have original paint on them, and are dent free. Tracks are in excellent condition with 10″ shoes, the grousers are 1 1/2″ high with no repairs. Sprockets are very good with the flats on the teeth a full 1/4″ wide. The idler assemblies and 2 of the rollers were like new. The remaining 6 roller assemblies (includes the shafts) are now rebuilt to like new. The picture #8 showing the rollers, some appear to be rust pitted. They are not pitted, the oil is reflecting the camera flash.

The Eismann model CM-4 magneto is like new, and required no repair. The Donaldson pre cleaner has the original paint and decal. All interior parts of the air cleaner were found to be smooth and rust and dent free. This tractor also has its original gas caps, ignition switch, gauges, tool box(Caterpillar hitch pin contained inside), and original Cat 22 operators instruction book form 4313 dated 6-37, TWENTY-TWO TRACTOR PARTS Catalog form 8629, revision published 1957 and of course – original. There are other pieces of Caterpillar literature included. There is also a Norscot die cast 1/16″ scale Cat 22 model included.

The carburetor is re built and painted using a correct repair kit. I replaced the main throw out bearing, and rebuilt the clutch, replaced final drive throw out bearing on left (the last picture shows the final drive left side while I was replacing the throw out bearing), right side was worked on prior to my purchase of this tractor. I have some new  correct gaskets that can be used for valve cover, oil pan, coolant lines etc. included also. The pictures represent only some of this complete tractor. The large brass Patents tag, and other brass tags are included as well as all of the greaser buttons and the fitting that attaches to your grease gun for greasing them. I purchased an original Bosch generator that is correct for this tractor, and is included. The rebuilt starter is a later model and is 12 volt, and the new adapter is finished to attach this starter.

I sand blasted and primed these parts: track frames, guards and shields, draw bar etc. I glass beaded primed and top coated these parts: gas tank, tank cradle, dash, seat assembly, throttle assembly, long and short equalizer springs etc. Paint used was Rust-Oleum. The bolts, washers nuts, spacers etc. are divided into separate containers.

More pictures are available.

I have invested countless hours into this project. A lot of money has been spent to insure that this Caterpillar 22 would be, as always Scholl Engine Shop Quality. Due to other projects needing my attention, the sale price for this 1937 Caterpillar 22 and other items listed  is $6,500.00,  includes loading. The weight of this tractor is close to 6,000#.



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Rumely-Falk Dynamo


Falk 3 HP volume governed sideshaft engine 1910-1912 or there after. This Falk engine tag reads: The Falk Co. Milwaukee Licensed under SECOR-HIGGINS System of Oil Combustion Kerosene Engines 1907  Engine # A 987 3 HP 560 RPM. Rumley started building Falk engines in 1912 and at some point before 1915 the engines were re named  Rumley / Falk. The engine is igniter fired, has a fuel pump, both valves are driven from cams on the side shaft, the governor is also on the sideshaft, cooled from the cooling tank and sitting on its original wood skid.

     The Dynamo is belt driven from the engines flywheel. It is also high quality with the bearings being lubricated by the oil contained in reservoirs located below the bearings.

      The original switch board is mounted on the sidewall of the trailer, beside this is an up to date fully fused electrical panel. The original panel reads: Rumely Automatic Switchboard   Pats. pending by the W. L. Co.  Size 1,500 / Volts 110 (DC)  Plant #150   Serial #2067  Rumely Products Co. Laporte Ind.

This Falk engine, cooling tank, dynamo, Rumely  switchboard and wooden skid were installed near the Chattahoochee river for home electrical power on an Omaha Georgia Cotton Plantation, some time around 1910.

 I had this Falk / Dynamo project ongoing at my shop for several years before completion in 2008. The decision was made to use up to date control equipment to make sure this power plant could be operated safely. The engine was restored  using a new fuel tank which is mounted in the engines base. Most of the lubricators are  Lunkenheimer. The original cooling tower was restored and a lid added. The cooling water does not have to be drained when traveling to and from shows during the summer months.

 To start the engine: see instructions in the photos. After the engine starts, the Dynamo is changed from starting to maintaining a proper charge level in the batteries and illuminates the ceiling lights in the trailer. The batteries are mounted in the floor with easy access from inside the trailer.

       The Homesteader “Hercules” trailer was last tagged in 2014 and was kept inside when not at shows. Interior measures 5′ 8″x 12′, overall length is 16′ and the trailer ball size is 2 5/16″. The doors are 6′, walls are paneled, tire size ST 205/75R15 with tandem torque flex axles, E-Z lube hubs and 4 wheel brakes + new spare tire and wheel. The estimated weight for this complete outfit is 2,280#. Weighed at our local quarry December, 2014.




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Ashton Valve Company 8″ Chime Steam Whistle

Ashton Valve Company Boston, MASS.  #3942

8″ x 16 1/2″ with a 2″ Inlet 3 Chime Whistle

30″ Overall Height

Lever is 18 1/2″ Long

Weight is 85 Pounds

Bronze Construction w/ Steel Lever made by Scholl Engine Shop

This whistle is in very good original condition with most of the original patina.  This whistle with a built in valve could have been used in many applications: Steam Locomotives, Factories, and Steam Ships.

The bell has some pitting from use, and a repair that was most likely completed by Ashton at the time of casting.

The following things were done by Scholl Engine Shop:

-Serviced the Valve
-Made Steel Lever
-Repaired Short Cracks in Lower Partitions

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Recent Restorations in the Shop


Lunkenheimer 5″ “Mocking-Bird” 1912 Steam Whistle


Lunkenheimer 3″ Chime Pat. 1892 Bowtie Fulcrum Steam Whistle

Southern Railway 5 3/8″ Railroad Lantern w/ Clear Cast Globe

Cleveland Cincinnati Chicago & St. Louis Railroad (CCC & StL Ry) 5 3/8″ Clear Cast Safety First Globe

Lehigh & New England Railroad (L & NE RR) 5 3/8″ Cobalt Blue Globe

Baltimore & Ohio Railroad (B & O RR) 5 3/8″ Clear Cast (Capitol Dome – Safety First) Globe

Philadelphia Baltimore & Washington Railroad (P B & W RR) 5 3/8″ Clear Cast Globe

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Crosby Steam Whistles

The 4″ Crosby is a hook and lever steam whistle, #470 pre 1880 whistle (Scholl Engine Shop – Personal Collection).

The 5″ Crosby, #8430, was repaired for a customer by Scholl Engine Shop in 2012.

The 8″ Crosby, #11957, was a full restoration project for a customer by Scholl Engine Shop in 2012.

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Newly Completed Shop Restoration Project

This very early cast iron School House Bell is a #2 COWINGS PATENT NOV 18-1862 SENECA FALLS NY. It is 16 1/4″ in diameter, and features an adjustable bell crank. The bell is in excellent original condition with the yoke and bell crank. The clapper is also cast iron, and is marked #2. The bell has a very nice ring, and resonates like a bronze bell.

There are no cracks or repairs on the bell or associated original parts.

The cradles were professionally blacksmith made. No modern welding methods were used when making the cradles.

This bell weight 78 lbs. with the blacksmith made cradles.


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2011 Engine Restoration Projects

This De Laval 2 1/2 HP engine with Goulds 4″ Mudsucker Pump on original trucks has been restored for a customer.  This project began in September of 2010, and was completed December 1st, 2011.  This project included total disassembly and rebuild of the engine, gearbox, and pump.  Manufactured around 1929, this pump was used to pump water out of coffer-dams to aid in bridge construction.  Parts for the rebuild were sourced from all across the US and Canada (locating the parts played a major role in the length of time for complete restoration).

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We are looking for several items to complete current shop projects, or to locate parts for customers.  Please contact us if you have any of the following items:

Southern Railway 3 Chime “Steamboat” 6″ x 18″ x 2″ inlet Steam Whistle – We need any of the following new or used parts:  Fulcrum, Fulcrum Mount, Center Valve, and Lever.

Alpha De-Laval 2 1/2 HP Wico Magneto Style Engine – Need Cast Iron Crank Guard

Railroad Lantern – Pennsylvania RR 5 3/8″ Armspear Snap-on Bell Bottom w/ Fount – Note: we need only the base with the fount

Railroad Lantern – Hocking Valley 5 3/8″ Cast Globe (any color)

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2011 Whistle Restoration Projects

*SOLD*  Lonergan 6″ x 12″  *SOLD*

This whistle restoration was completed at the begining of November, and is currently for sale in our inventory.  Please contact us for pricing information.

*SOLD* Lunkenheimer Pre 1895 Flat Top Chime Whistle *SOLD*


This whistle was restored at our shop this summer.  The pictures show the condition of the whistle as recieved, the whistle disassembled prior to restoration, and the final restored piece.  This whistle is the predecessor of the Lunkenheimer Round Top whistles.

*SOLD*   Powell 3″ Chime Whistle   *SOLD*


This Powell 3″ Chime Steam Whistle was completely restored by our shop this past winter.


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